Hercosul Alimentos was born in 2001, with the launching of Three Dogs and Three Cats brands. Since then, it has been launching innovative products and brands recognized by their performance, safety, and quality, such as Adore, Primocão, Primogato, Apolo, Átila, and Three Birds. Hercosul products can be currently found in several continents, such Africa, and Americas.

Permanently focused on innovation, quality, and attendance, Hercosul Alimentos is always searching for what is the most modern in technology, nutrition, and control techniques that aggregate quality and value to its products. Constantly training its technical staff in Brazil, Hercosul Alimentos strongly invests to improve its business.

Its technical staff, composed by highly trained veterinarians, zootechnist, engineers, and chemicals, supports the product development, quality control, manufacturing, and marketing departments of such company that keeps growing!

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